KARD’s BM Opens Up About Being Bullied At School

Here’s how he tried to handle it.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying, graphic content, and violence that may disturb some readers.

In light of the recent bullying accusations across the Korean entertainment industry, KARD‘s BM opened up about his own somewhat unconventional experiences as the victim of school bullying in a recent GET REAL podcast episode.

When Peniel asked the podcast team if they’d ever been bullied, Jamie, Ladies Code‘s Ashley, and KARD’s BM all admitted they had. In BM’s case, the star explained that the bullying he faced stemmed from his weight.

KARD’s BM as a child.

I used to be really heavy-weight. I used to be a little bit obese.

— BM

BM went on to explain that fellow students at his school would often swipe at his breast tissue—an act he referred to as “titty scooping“. While he said he didn’t mind his friends playing around with him that way, he didn’t like it when bullies targeted him. However, BM shared that he didn’t want to fight the bullies through fear they’d hurt him.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

But I wouldn’t want to fight them because I feel like they could beat my ***. So I’d be like, “Hahaha…”

­— BM

On top of the “titty scooping” incidents, BM says another student at his junior high school used to stick lead pencils into his back. Unsurprisingly, the painful attacks wound BM up to the point that he eventually decided to tackle the problem—by fighting the bully.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

I got so tired of it. I was like, “Damn do I need to get down with him? Do I need to fight him right?”

— BM

BM thought the fight over for a couple of days until he plucked up the courage to face his bully. However, on the day he planned to fight him, he found out the bully got expelled for hitting another male student in the face “so hard that his tooth came out of his skin.”

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After learning how dangerous the bully was, BM was very glad he didn’t fight him after all. “That could have been me,” he realized. Of course, despite planning to resort to physical measures, BM did clarify that “violence is not the answer“.

Source: DIVE Studios (YouTube)