KARD’s BM Excites Fans By Sharing The Group’s Plans Once J.Seph Returns This Spring

Are you ready for a full-group comeback??

Fans of KARD have been patiently waiting for the group’s comeback ever since their last release, “Gunshot”, came out in August 2020.

Shortly afterwards, on October 5 of the same year, J.Seph quietly began his military enlistment as an active-duty soldier, and the remaining three members promoted together and performed for the second season of KCON‘s online series, KCON:TACT, from October 16-25 later that month.

Though they haven’t released any new music as a group since their 2020 comeback, in the meantime while they’ve been waiting for J.Seph to finish his military enlistment, BM made his debut as a solo artist on June 9, 2021 with the single “Broken Me”, and released his debut single album, The First Statement, about a month later.

Recently, the KARD member sat down for an interview with news magazine WWD to share some insight on his recent activities in the fashion world, how he expresses himself through his music, and, much to KARD fans’ excitement, what the group plans to do when J.Seph returns in April this year!

When asked how they were planning to celebrate the other male member’s return to the group, this is what BM had to say.

We’re not. He’s got to come to the studio right away and get ready to work. We’re planning a summer comeback and then another world tour.

— BM

From the sounds of it, he was kidding about not celebrating, but fans of KARD can start to anticipate what is sure to be a phenomenal comeback from this co-ed group!

Source: WWD


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