KARD’s BM Talks About How JYP And YG Entertainments Told Him To Give Up When He Appeared On “K-Pop Star”

“You’re too late.”

KARD‘s BM recently shared how he was once turned down by Park Jin Young (also known as J. Y. Park) of JYP Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk formerly of YG Entertainment!


Back in 2011, BM participated in the first season of K-Pop Star.

In a recent episode of the Get Real podcast, BM revealed that his memories of K-Pop Star were riddled with moments of extreme nervousness and stage fright because it was his first time singing/rapping, ever!

I had stage fright my first couple auditions for K-Pop Star. I forgot my lyrics. That was the first time I ever did anything vocally… ‘Cuz I was rapping and free-styling and doing whatever I like; parties and whatnot, garages, like turning on the speaker. But I never held a mic before in my life!

— BM

He then also talked about how his lack of Korean language skills just added to his stress on stage, causing him to forget lyrics during performances!

Nor did I speak Korean, so I kept forgetting my lyrics on stage.


| DSP Media

Ashley Choi then commented on how intimidating and scary it must have been to have to perform on a stage of that scale, and BM wholeheartedly agreed! He then shared the words Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Suk said to him after his performance:

Oh my gosh, like JYP and YG, when I was done, they were like, ‘How old are you?’ I was like, ’21’. They were like, ‘You have no hope [to go] further. You’re too late. You’re a little bit too late to be on this stage right now’.

And I was like, ‘You right. You right.’

— BM

Although K-Pop Star didn’t work out for him, he’s now KARD’s amazing rapper and dancer — and fans wouldn’t have it any other way!

You can watch him talk about his experience on K-Pop Star here!