KARD’s BM, Ladies Code’s Ashley, And BTOB’s Peniel Are Hosting A New Podcast Together

They’ll be diving into all kinds of topics!

KARD‘s BM, Ladies Code‘s Ashley, and BTOB‘s Peniel are bringing their insight (and some hilarious chaos between friends) to all kinds of topics as the hosts of a brand new podcast.

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Earlier in the week, the three longtime friends were announced as the hosts for a new podcast under Dive Studios called Get Real. And on July 8, BM, Ashley, and Peniel gave everyone an introduction to the show and revealed what kinds of things they will be talking about.

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Get Real will focus on the friend trio as they explore all kinds of topics from adulthood and career to real-life issues and relationship problems. They’ll be sharing plenty of personal stories in an unfiltered way and, as Ashley pointed out, they’ll be exposing each other often too!

Can’t wait to hear their take on all these topics and more? We can’t either! And luckily, their new podcast just officially launched! The first and second episodes, which focus on living away from home for the first time and crushes, are available on all streaming platforms while the full podcast video will be available soon through Dive Studios Podcasts YouTube channel.