KARD’s BM Succeeded In Making The Group’s “Nastiest” And Most “Explicit” K-Pop Song So Far

It was BM’s goal to make the group’s “nastiest” track.

KARD is one of the only co-ed groups in the K-Pop industry. Ever since their debut, they pushed boundaries with their confident and ambitious concepts.


Rather than a wholesome image that is common in the industry, the four members embrace their wild sides. This is apparent in their music which they have a hand in making. For instance, their sixth and latest mini album, ICKY, features a title track of the same name. Writer and member BM told NME that he tried to make it “explicit” while still keeping it within broadcasting standards.

What’s funny about that verse is I went into it with the intention of being as explicit as possible, while trying to stay in the PG15 to 17 range, so we’d be able to [perform it within] the Korean broadcast [regulations]. Luckily enough, we were able to pass all the age restriction limits. I wanted it to be as sly as possible.

— BM

They did not have to rewrite the rap, a fortunate conclusion considering their risky lyrics.

Said she want more than a tip
I ain’t talking bout guidance
Dale mami is wilding body temp rising
Give you what you been desiring woah

— BM’s rap in “ICKY”

While “ICKY” was toned down with the intention of being performed on public television, the same concern did not extend to the rest of the tracks on the album. BM made it his goal to write the “nastiest” K-Pop song in their discography so far.

I just wanted to make the nastiest song we could make. It’s a little bit more explicit than ‘ICKY,’ but what’s interesting about the process [of producing it] was that it was all done within the group. The demo that we recorded, those track files that we recorded is what you’re hearing on the album.

— BM

The result was B-Side track “CAKE” which was composed and arranged by BM. While only a portion of the lyrics of “ICKY” were risky, the entirety of “CAKE” was considerably more explicit.

Don’t you want a taste
Make you wanna put your ta tongue all on it
Don’t let a bite go to waste
All the way to my icing…

Don’t control your appetite today
This cake ain’t gon’ eat itself come eat it ah
It’s more than what you want
Put it on your body aye…

Give me that cake
I want it Cake
Let’s taste it Cake
I want it Cake
Give me that Cake
Put it in my face…


It easily became a favorite among fans and the members alike. BM chose it as his top song among all of KARD’s tracks so far.

Besides BM, fellow members J.Seph, Somin, and Jiwoo also participated in writing the lyrics of “CAKE.”

Check out the full song below.

Source: NME