KARD’s BM Shares His Opinion On Toxic Masculinity

“Back in the day, there were some standards, bro.”

KARD‘s BM gave his views on toxic masculinity!

On the latest episode of the Get Real podcast, BM, Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi and 28LABORATORY artists Corbyn and LXX sat down to talk about tons of interesting topics!

One of the topics they tackled was the subject of toxic masculinity, where they each gave their opinions on it!

BM begins by talking about what expectations from men were, back in the day, and how things have changed since then!

Back in the day, that wasn’t really like that. A more majority of people would be like, “Tough it up man. You a man, bro. What you doing?” But now its like…you know. Be you. And I feel like its a good thing nowadays.

Because it lets people be more open and more…less insecure about…who they gotta be as a person, too. But back in the day, there were some standards, bro.


Upon being asked about his own experiences with toxic masculinity, BM then revealed that he believes most men feel the pressure of being “macho mean”, but since he was never one as a kid, his experience back then was a little different.

I wasn’t really that “macho man” type when I was younger. I had a lot of like girl friends. So like, I had a little femininity in me, too. But I wasn’t like, you know, like super feminine.


He chalked up his experiences with toxic masculinity to his close friendship with other girls!

I just knew how to talk to girls because I could understand girls. But now, I feel like I’m less like that…


Watch the whole thing here, from the 0:45 mark onwards!