KARD’s BM Reveals What “True Happiness” Is To Him

When asked what “true happiness” is to him, he had a pretty insightful answer ready!

KARD‘s BM was asked what “true happiness” is, and he gave his thoughts on the topic!


BM recently held an #AskMeAnything (AMA) session on Reddit, where he talked to fans and netizens about his solo debut, and also about his personal life!

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One of the questions BM received was about “true happiness”, and he gave his thoughts on it!

True happiness- I would say find happiness in the little things, really. Obviously, besides being able to be creative in an atmosphere where I have all my resources, we should take in lil’ things.


He then named all the little things that add up to make him happy!

Walks by the Han River, listening to music, little moments with your friends – those are the moments that really count! Besides that, if you put it on a success type thing being able to take care of your people is one thing that my true happiness comes from.


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BM recently made his solo debut with the single “Broken Me”.

Listen to it here!

Source: Reddit


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