KARD’s Jiwoo And J.Seph Were Told They Look Alike And Their Reactions Were Priceless

JWoo is real!

KARD‘s Jiwoo and J.Seph were chatting with their fans on live broadcast when one comment stood out to them, and they had to stop everything that they were doing to respond back.

Jiwoo read the comment aloud, “Unnie, you look like Taehyung oppa (J.Seph).” And literally the first things they said summed up their adorable friendship.

J.Seph: “Hmm? Who?”

Jiwoo: “Leave.”


Then the two began to say to each other that they must feel good for receiving such a compliment! They kept repeating it as if they were 10-year-olds bickering with each other!

Jiwoo: “That’s a very rude thing to say. Don’t… Don’t say something like that.”

J.Seph: “That’s right. Don’t say that.”


Jiwoo even announced that it’s now banned from ever being said! She firmly claimed, “It’s officially banned now. If anyone writes that one more time, we’ll kick them out.

And when one fan commented, “F*cking good looking“, they both immediately thanked the fan believing that the fan was talking about them!

One fan explained, “[Jiwoo] looks a little handsomer.” And the two bickered once again!

Jiwoo: “Thank you. I mean, it’s the truth.”

J.Seph: “Thank you for telling her that [even if you don’t mean it].”


What do you think? Do these two look alike? But one thing’s for certain… their hilarious chemistry is too adorable to deny! They’re literally like a true brother and sister!

Check out the segment starting at 30:30!