KARD’s Somin Receives Malicious Comments After Uploading A Potentially Cryptic Instagram Post

“…you’ll end up being kicked here and there.”

KARD member Somin recently uploaded a Instagram story that showcased a page of a book. While it may have looked like any old book photo to others, in light of recent events, netizens couldn’t help but wonder if the specific verse had any relation to her former controversy.

KARD member Somin.

Previously, bullying rumors made rampant headlines across the nation as numerous stars got accused for bullying. Somin made headlines during this time when it was revealed that former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo was bullied during her time in the girl group.

While Somin is now a part of the co-ed group KARD, she was formerly the leader of APRIL before she departed in 2015 and because of her past relation with the group, Somin became entangled in the rumors. During this time, there were accusations that alleged Somin was one of the APRIL members who bullied Lee Hyunjoo. While nothing was proven or unproven, Somin and her former APRIL members received major backlash and they have remained quiet since — that is until now.

Former APRIL members, Lee Hyunjoo (middle) and Somin (top right of Lee Hyunjoo) | DSP Media

Somin posted this now deleted photo, which netizens believe is a cryptic message targeted towards the APRIL bullying rumors.

Somin’s Instagram story | @somin_jeon0822/Instagram

I thought I just needed to live my life by being round and kind. However, I’m realizing life isn’t like that. If you’re too round, you’ll end up being kicked here and there. You’ll end up rolling around everywhere. There’s a need for me to live with some edges.

Person, Sound, One verse @somin_jeon0822

With such a cryptic message, netizens quickly gathered online to discuss the book verse and whether or not it had anything to do with her former girl group. They provided only harsh words for the KARD member and her alleged involvement in the bullying.

| theqoo
  • “So what you’re saying is, it’s that friend’s (Lee Hyunjoo) fault that she didn’t have more edge? So that’s why she got bullied?”
  • “People brushed over this girl because of Lee Naeun, but she’s adding fuel to the flames herself.”
  • “The discord between the KARD members in the beginning was because of this ’round’ person. At a YouTube event, she ignored KARD’s Jiwoo and wouldn’t even look at her. The fans were patient and waited, but they eventually left. Within the nation, a handful of them perish. KARD even went to the military bases, but couldn’t get popular because of this ’round’ person. You made two groups suffer, you killed two birds with one stone.”
  • “Hahahahahahaha you?”
  • “People were forgetting about her (involvement), but she personally added fuel to the flame.”
  • “Hahahaha wow she’s so mean.”
  • “I was almost a KARD fan, but I got backstabbed. I have no words.”
| Hankyung

While DSP Media has denied all the allegations regarding APRIL, Lee Hyunjoo, and Somin, all the involved parties have since remained quiet and out of the limelight since the rumors went public.

Source: theqoo