KARD’s Jiwoo Reveals She And 3 Other Female Artists Were Part Of The Trainee Girl Group At FNC Entertainment

You’ll never guess the artists!

KARD‘s Jiwoo talked about her trainee days at FNC Entertainment!

On November 2, Jiwoo held a live broadcast to talk to her fans and update them on how she’s doing. During the broadcast, one of the comments she received was about how she became friends with actress Kim Ji In.

Jiwoo revealed that she and Kim Ji In have been friends since they were 19 (they’re both the same age, and are now 24 years old). She further revealed that she, Kim Ji In, Ahn Soojin (currently solo artist SWAN) and Jung Mimi (gugudan‘s leader) were all part of the same training team when they were trainees together at FNC Entertainment.

It’s good to see Jiwoo’s friendship is still going strong with all her old mates!

What do you think about these 4 artists in a team together?