7 Times Karl Lagerfeld Made A Lasting Impact On K-Pop

May he rest in peace.

Iconic fashion designer, art director, photographer and artist, Karl Lagerfeld, passed away today after long speculations of his ill health when he recently skipped out on some notable fashion events.


Not only did he change the world of fashion in Europe, but also in Korea as he became close friends with some of he most fashion-forward K-Pop icons in the industry.

For starters, he was good friends with BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, whom he frequently invited to many of his exclusive events.


The two fashionistas and trendsetters often exchanged gifts and ideas as they planned for the next level of fashion.


Thanks to G-Dragon’s friendship, Karl Lagerfeld was also introduced to CL.


CL being another fashion-forward, trendsetter became fast friends with the legendary designer!


Who can leave out Karl Lagerfeld’s adorable friendship with Super Junior’s Choi Siwon? The two met up in locations all over the world as they both had a large circle of friends in the fashion world.


Choi Siwon also introduced Karl Lagerfeld to Yoona, who was spotted looking gorgeous at a Chanel fashion show.


And Choi Siwon also introduced him to actress Jung Ryeo Won at another fashion show, where the three looked cozy as they chatted amongst each other.


Not to mention, Karl Lagerfeld became fast acquaintances with Suzy.


As well as Park Shin Hye, who’s considered one of the most fashionable actresses in Korea!


After 35 years as a creative director for the fashion brand, Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has deeply impacted the lives and styles of some of the hottest names in the Korean entertainment industry.

K-Pop idols wearing outfits designed by Chanel. (Left to right: Jennie, Krystal, Jessica, G-Dragon, and Jimin)


He will dearly be missed.

Source: BBC
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