Netizens Suspect Katie Kim’s New Song Is A Critique On Her Previous Company, YG Entertainment

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Katie Kim was a contestant on K-Pop Star‘s earlier seasons, and eventually went on to win the entire show. After winning the program, she was able to choose an entertainment company between for debut. She eventually chose YG Entertainment and signed an exclusive contract with them.

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Although she became a successful solo artist outside of YG Entertainment later on, fans were puzzled as to why she never released a single under the company during her time there. As she teased her newest album, OUR TIME is BLUE, Katie released the concept and inspiration behind one of the tracks, “Faux”.

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Katie revealed that the inspiration behind “Faux” stemmed from personal experience. Katie had to sign under the agency as part of her winnings on the show, but an album release is not guaranteed. She shared that there were discrepancies between the company and her due to the genre of music.

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As Katie’s only known agencies are YG Entertainment and her current label, AXIS, netizens couldn’t help but wonder if the story was targeting her previous label, YG Entertainment. However, what is interesting to note is that AXIS is founded by SINXITY, who was a previous creative director at YG Entertainment. AXIS’ albums are also distributed with the help of YG Entertainment. This has led some to think that the concept is simply noise marketing.


OUR TIME is BLUE drops on 4 December 2020. Stay tuned!

Source: theqoo
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