KBS bans AOA’s “Chocolate” and SEVENTEEN’s “Ah Yeah” from broadcast

Broadcasting channel KBS has been revealed to have banned songs by AOA and SEVENTEEN, deeming them unfit to air on broadcast.

On June 17th, KBS deliberated that AOA’s track “Chocolate” from their upcoming 3rd mini-album Heart Attack was not fit to be broadcast due to the use of vulgar, profanity, and abusive language.

For rookie group SEVENTEEN’s “Ah Yeah,” Pippi Band‘s “Robot Ganadaramabasa,” and Verbal Jint & Sanchez‘s “Hate,” they were not eligible for broadcast due to the mention of certain product names.

Other tracks banned from broadcast include four of indie artist Yeonnamdong Dumb&Dumber‘s tracks as well as their title track “Good Boy,” EVO‘s “Today & Tomorrow,” Mashup‘s “Struggle,” Soundbox‘s “Music Is My Everything,” Geonadeul‘s “Fantasy Namiseom Island,” and PATiENTS‘ “Hybrid Future.”

AOA is set to make a comeback on June 22nd while SEVENTEEN is currently promoting their debut track “Adore U.”

Source: Star News