KBS bans BIGBANG’s “We Like 2 Party” for broadcast

BIGBANG faces trouble as one of their latest track “We Like 2 Party” has been deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS

The verdict was released on June 2nd where KBS stated that the track failed to meet their criteria due to the use of profanity and the mentioning of brand names in the track, “We Like 2 Party.” The results were released following their review for their latest release MADE Series [A], while their other track “BANG BANG BANG” passed the evaluation.

YG Entertainment is still considering if they should edit the lyrics or opt out of a reassessment of the track.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG continues to dominate the charts with their latest title track “BANG BANG BANG” following the release of their latest single on June 1st.

Source: TVReport