KBS Deems Several Of BTS’s New Songs Unfit For Broadcast, Here’s Why ARMYs Are Celebrating

“Makes me like them even more…”

On June 8, KBS revealed on their homepage that the broadcast station has deemed BTS‘s “Run BTS” from their soon to be released album PROOF as unfit for broadcast.


According to KBS, the reason for the decision is cursing and lyrical content. Another song, “Born Singer,” was also deemed unfit for similar reasons.

The group’s single “Yet To Come” from the album, was deemed suitable for broadcast.

The songs that were deemed unfit will not be able to be broadcasted on the station and the group will not be able to perform the songs on the station’s music programs.

Despite this, ARMYs are celebrating the decisions stating they welcome BTS’s more explicit songs. ARMY netizens stated, “This makes me anticipate it even more,” “I love cursing,” “It’s been a while since I’ve heard them use explicit language,” “I’m actually glad,” and, “I love explicit boys.

Comments on Theqoo | Theqoo
  • 1. Exciting
  • 3. I love cursing
  • 4. It’s been a while I heard them being explicit
  • 6. Makes me like them even more
  • 7. I love explicit boys
  • 8. It’s been so long since I heard explicit boys
  • 10. I can’t wait for the explicit boys
  • 11. Love it even more
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