KBS Reports Looking at Handsome Men Improves Brain Function and Memory in Women

But is the opposite also true?

KBS’s Discoveries in Life reported on research findings that suggest looking at handsome men improves memory which leads to better grades in school.

The study was conducted on middle-aged women, and they were asked to memorize as many character names as they could for the duration of 1 minute.

They were then asked to memorize character names while looking at a photo of a handsome man, and this led to an average of 2 to 4 more correct answers.

These findings were confirmed by looking at the brainwaves of the test subjects. When the subjects looked at a photo of a handsome man, their brainwaves were found to be more active than usual.

Furthermore, the chief of the brain research center stated, “Through the experiment, we were able to confirm activation of the temporal lobe, which is related to memory.

According to another medical professional, looking at a photo of a handsome man improves one’s mood which poses a positive effect on the brain.

But he claimed that when men look at photos of beautiful women, no memory improvement was observed, and on the contrary, beautiful women could actually interfere with their memory and focus due to a division of their attention.