KBS Releases Statements On Rumours of Sketchbook’s Cancellation

Contrary to previous reports about Sketchbook, the show will not be ending. It will, however, be receiving a makeover.

Following a previous report from The Fact that Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook will be getting canceled, Kim Jin Hong, head of KBS‘s Variety Department, has come out clarify the situation.

Concert 7080 and Vitamin will be ending soon. Sketchbook will not be ending.”

Kim Jin Hong

Instead of ending, Sketchbook will be temporarily changing its format. Their theme for March will “Singer of the Month.” Artists will go through an audition process, and those chosen will appear for 4 straight weeks, allowing the public to learn more about them and their music. This opportunity is for artists who may not be well known and the show is looking to unveil that next “hidden gem.”

A statement from a KBS official explained the changes in more detail.

“We will make this upcoming month about the singers who come from smaller sized companies and give them the chance to show off their abilities, where they may have not had that chance before compared to larger companies. As one of Korea’s representative music programs for the past 8 years, we are trying to give some strength to the industry.”

KBS Entertainment Official

Source: Ilgan, Star News