KBS2 drama “Producer” extends last two episodes for finale

With only two episodes remaining, popular KBS2 drama Producer has been revealed to have extended the broadcast airing especially for the finale.

This was confirmed by a KBS official on June 19th who revealed that episodes 11 and 12 will run 10 minutes longer for a total of 90 minutes each.

To allow the extra 10 minutes slot for Producer, five minutes from drama Orange Marmalade and music show Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook were taken for the Friday episode.

For the finale episode on Saturday, Entertainment Relay was pushed from 10:35pm to 10:45pm KST and The Human Condition – Urban Farmers was pushed from 11:45pm to 11:55pm KST.

The final (12th) episode will air on June 20th with a special episode to air next week on the 26th.

Source: TV Report