KBS’s “Mr. House Husband” Apologizes For Airing Scene Of Minors Getting Circumcised

The production staff has apologized.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

On September 19, the production team responsible for KBS’s Mr. House Husband issued an apology after controversy arose regarding a scene from its latest episode.

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Audiences were mortified when in the latest episode of KBS‘s Mr. House Husband, five Middle School boys were shown undergoing circumcision surgery.

Audiences condemned the show for not taking into account the well-being of the children, whose vulnerable moments were aired on national television.

  • “Is this something to laugh about?”
  • “Regardless of gender politics, this really doesn’t seem right.”
  • “What are you doing with minors? Wow.”
  • “How did this get approved to air?”
  • “The broadcasting networks didn’t think about the children.”
  • “This should get them banned for life.”
  • “Is genitals a joke?”

The show wrote in its apology for offending any viewers that watched the scene. The show explained that the scene came about after the children’s parents contemplated how to teach their children Sexual Education. The show stated it was their aim to show the parents and children come to an understanding. The full apology can be read below.

With gratitude to the viewers,

We would like to apologize to those who were uncomfortable with the September 17 broadcast of Mr. House Husband.

The scene came about after the children’s parents contemplated how to go about Sexual Education. We aimed to show the parents talk about the subject of circumcision, and through dialogue, we hoped to show the parents and children come to an understanding. Through dialogue, the children felt they needed to be circumcised, and the family agreed to air the procedure on the show.

The scene was agreed upon by the families after a month-long dialogue between the parents and the children. Both students and parents agreed to the filming, and we would like to reveal that the production team didn’t interfere in the decision-making. Also, the filming of the procedure was done under the supervision of the parents, and all parties were satisfied after filming.

But rather than show a constructive dialogue on gender, the show made audiences uncomfortable, and for that, we apologize.

Through this experience, we will be more careful about future productions. We will continue to strive toward becoming a safe haven for dialogue for our families.

Thank you.

— Mr. House Husband

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