The KCMA Has Officially Recognised BTS’s V As A Music Producer

BTS has another producer in their ranks.

At the beginning of 2019, of BTS released a solo song entitled “Scenery”. The song is particularly notable because V created the song from scratch himself.

Well, ‘Scenery’ has now been officially registered by the Korea Music Copyright Association (KMCA) and it credits V for every step of the process.

This means that V is officially recognised as a music producer and composer by the KMCA. This isn’t the first time that V has worked on a song but one needs to create a song themselves for this distinction to be made.

V has worked on six other songs as a lyricist/composer: 4 O’Clock, Stigma, RUN, Boyz With Fun, Hold Me Tight and Outro: Circle Room Cypher.

Congrats on the recognition, V!