Netizens Concerned As KCON LA 2024 Scheduled Same Weekend As San Diego Comic-Con

Who has the money?

Recently, the world’s largest fan celebration of Korean culture and music, KCON, announced its locations and dates for this year. KCON USA will be held in Los Angeles from July 26-28.

Do these dates look familiar? Popular comic book convention San Diego Comic-Con will be held the same weekend as KCON LA 2024. 

Netizens are naturally disappointed. For one thing, if you’re part of both fandoms and want to attend these conventions, you will have to pick and choose.

Additionally, it will make everything more expensive than it already is due to the demand. Hotels and airline ticket prices will both skyrocket, although these two locations are about two hours apart.


Do you think you’ll go? or is this a disaster in the making? #kpop #kpopfyp #kcon #kconla #kcon2024

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Do you think you’ll still try to go?

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