“The Heirs” Actor Kim Woo Bin Finally Reunites With Co-Star Krystal At A Recent Ralph Lauren Fashion Show

It’s been nearly ten years since the show finished, but they haven’t aged!

It seems as if the past few years have seen a rise in the popularity of K-Dramas worldwide. Yet, even with all the new shows, netizens can’t get over the classics, and one K-Drama that will always be iconic is The Heirs, which first aired back in 2013.

The poster for “The Heirs” | SBS

The series follows a group of wealthy high school students who, despite being privileged, are burdened with the future of taking over their families’ business empires.

The lead character is Kim Tan, played by Lee Min Ho, who is a wealthy heir to a huge company. While in America, he meets Cha Eun Sang (played by Park Shin Hye), who couldn’t be further from his world, coming from a much less privileged background.

Lee Min Ho (left) and Park Shin Hye (right) | SBS

Cha Eun Sang eventually gets a scholarship to Jeguk High School, funded by Kim Tan’s father.

While there, she meets several different people. One is Choi Young Do, played by Kim Woo Bin, who picks on Eun Sang to annoy Kim Tan, but he realizes that’s not the only reason she’s always on his mind.

Kim Woo Bin on the set of “The Heirs” | SBS

Another is Lee Bona, played by Krystal. Although she seems spoiled, she is actually kind-hearted and doesn’t seem to have the same prejudice against those with less money.

Krystal as Lee Bona | SBS

Throughout the series, Kim Woo Bin and Krystal have some iconic interactions as they’re in the same friendship group. They seemingly have a true sibling relationship, along with the likes of Park Hyung Sik‘s character.


Well, it seems like the duo has reunited. Both Kim Woo Bin and Krystal are ambassadors for the fashion brand Ralph Lauren.

Like a lot of the Korean entertainment industry, the two were spotted at a huge fashion show for the brand in California. As expected, the two stars looked stunning in their outfits.

| ELLE Singapore
| Harper’s Bazaar

Yet, it was their interactions together that sent the internet into meltdown.

From photos of the event, it was shown that Kim Woo Bin and Krystal sat next to each other for the show. Despite The Heirs being released nearly ten years ago, both looked as youthful as ever.

In particular, the videos showcase that they’re still close. Whether they’re chatting to each other or the press or just enjoying the show, it was definitely a throwback everyone was obsessed with.

Yet, it isn’t the only iconic reunion 2022 has seen. Back in August, Kim Bum and Lee Min Jung from the equally iconic K-Drama Boys Over Flowers reunited on Instagram.

In the photos posted by Lee Min Jung, it seemed like neither had aged as they flaunted flawless visuals and charisma. With Lee Min Jung leaning on Kim Bum’s shoulder, it was like netizens had stepped into an alternative ending to the series.

Kim Bum (left) and Lee Min Jung (right) | @216jung/Instagram

Although new K-Dramas are being released and gaining popularity, sometimes you can’t forget about the classic. The Heirs will always be iconic and the reunion between Kim Woo Bin and Krystal has brought back so many memories.

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