“The Kelly Clarkson Show” Apologizes For Using Incorrect Picture For BTS

The episode originally aired with a picture of a different K-Pop group.

Earlier today, The Kelly Clarkson Show, hosted by American singer Kelly Clarkson, was heavily criticized by fans of BTS for using a picture of rookie group BLITZERS instead of BTS.

Following criticism from ARMY for their actions, the official Twitter account for The Kelly Clarkson Show tweeted out an apology and thanked ARMY for their corrections. They stated that they have sent out a new photo to be used for future showings of this episode.

Fans are hesitant to accept the show’s apology and many are demanding more serious action be taken. Furthermore, ARMYs are urging the show to apologize to BTS and BLITZERS as well.

Clarkson and Coldplay‘s Chris Martin were discussing the band’s upcoming collaboration with BTS at the time of the incident. Read more about the interview below.

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Source: Twitter