Kep1er’s Magazine Photos Gets Criticized For Not Doing The Members’ Beauty Justice

They’re so much prettier than this!

Girl group Kep1er just recently fixed their debut date for November 22 2021, but their first ever magazine photospread for DAZED is already getting criticized. While no doubt that everyone absolutely adores the girls, the director and stylist for the shot took some hits from netizens.

Fans were excited for the girls to make their debut. However, the pictorial photos left much to desire. Not only was the saturation off, making the girls look yellow…

…the photos were over-processed with effects which resulted in being too blur.

Fans also claimed that the overall styling including hair and makeup were not the most flattering for the beautiful ladies.

Fans, knowing that the Kep1er members are all top tier visuals, were duly upset that the concept photos did not do the girls justice.


  • “It looks like photos from an Instagram seller.”
  • “Wow it completely doesn’t suit the kids.”
  • “Why didn’t they edit the color? They made the kids look so yellowish.”
  • “Did they lower the sharpness? Why is it so blur?”
  • “Aigoo…”
  • “Is there an issue with my screen?”
  • “What’s this LOL”
  • “I saw the comments saying who-and-who came out good so I scrolled up to check but I can’t even tell who they’re talking about LOL”

The girls of Kep1er are known for their visuals, as can be seen in the unedited, unfiltered broadcast of Girls Planet 999.

We totally understand how fans feel but hopefully the Kep1er girls and their visuals will be done more justice during their actual debut! Best of luck to the girls.


Source: theqoo