“Queendom 2” Versus “Girls Planet 999″—Kep1er Dishes On What Makes Both Survival Programs Similar And Different

They already experienced two competitions.

Kep1er was the youngest group on Mnet‘s survival program Queendom 2. Having debuted in January of this year, they were only two months old when they joined the cutthroat show.

Kep1er performing “WA DA DA” in Queendom 2

They had just finished participating in another survival program only a few months before. Kep1er was formed on Girls Planet 999, a competition that debuted nine members from Korea, Japan, and China.

The girls detailed what was similar and different between the two Mnet shows in an interview with Billboard. As for the latter, according to Youngeun, “the environment and the teams [they] were part of were different.” 

Kep1er competed against each other for individual spots on Girls Planet 999 while they went head-to-head as a group against their seniors in the industry on Queendom 2. The likes of Brave Girls, Hyolyn, Viviz, LOONA, and WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) were their opponents.

While Girls Planet 999 was a place to prove their own skills, Queendom 2 was where they could learn from the very singers they look up to.

There aren’t many opportunities to see the performances of artists senior to us up so close and so frequently. I think we were able to learn and grow a lot while watching them on stage thanks to Queendom.

— Mashiro

At the same time, the competitive nature of the programs were similar. They always had to put their best foot forward in each round.

I felt the drive to do well and the competitiveness while preparing for the stage; I could recall the days when we prepared for the Girls Planet 999 performances and felt that the two were similar.

— Mashiro

Mashiro in Girls Planet 999

They also experienced similar feelings of unity and excitement from both competitions.

When we finished our performance stage with a united mind and passionate will, I think the resulting synergy was very similar to that of Girls Planet 999.

— Youngeun

Check out Kep1er’s final performance on Queendom 2 below.

Source: Billboard