Kep1er Fans Worry About Mashiro After A Recent Performance, Similar To Stray Kids Fans’ Previous Worries About Lee Know

Both idols were incredibly professional but…

Fans of Kep1er are voicing concerns after the group performed their recent title track, “Up!”, on a rooftop. Although the video was certainly aesthetic and the members were completely professional, giving their all to the performance, fans couldn’t help but worry about Mashiro, who has a known fear of heights.

Although Mashiro remained professional throughout the video, fans noticed that her usually powerful expressions and energy were completely absent during the performance.

Mashiro (left) performing on the rooftop | Kep1er/YouTube 
Mashiro performing on stage | KBS Kpop/YouTube 
Mashiro (center) performing on the rooftop | Kep1er/YouTube 
Mashiro performing on stage | KBS Kpop/YouTube 

While no one was critiquing Mashiro’s performance since the idol overcame her fear to give a good performance for fans…

Fans are disappointed that WAKEONE Entertainment wouldn’t consider their artists’ well-being, making Mashiro perform in an uncomfortable situation.

Of course, this isn’t the first time companies have forced their idols into uncomfortable situations. Stray Kids also performed on the same rooftop despite Lee Know‘s well-known fear of heights.

Lee Know (back center) performing on the rooftop | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube 
Lee Know performing on stage | KBS Kpop/YouTube 

Just like Mashiro, Lee Know proved his professionalism by performing well despite his fear, but fans were frustrated that JYP Entertainment created such an uncomfortable situation for their artist.

Although fans try to show support for idols like Mashiro and Lee Know by praising them for their professionalism, they want to make it clear that it’s incredibly unfair that companies knowingly put their idols in such uncomfortable situations.

Neither companies have responded to the criticisms as of yet. You can watch Kep1er’s “Up!” performance here.

And compare it with Mashiro’s fancam here.

You can watch Stray Kids’ “THUNDEROUS” performance here.

And compare it with Lee Know’s fancam here.

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