Kep1er’s Yeseo Sends A Sweet Message Of Support To “My Teenage Girl” Contestant Hyungseo

Yeseo is such a sweetheart!

Kep1er‘s Yeseo is such an angel!

Kep1er’s Yeseo | @official.kep1er/Instagram

Before she joined the cast of Girls Planet 999 and debuted with Kep1er, Yeseo was a member of Busters. Busters debuted in 2017, but she joined the group in 2019.

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Even though she departed from the group in 2019, Yeseo still has a strong bond with the members. She proved just how strong her bond with the Busters members is during a recent call to former Busters’ Hyungseo.

Former Busters’ Hyungseo | Kpopping

Like Yeseo, Hyungseo joined a survival show cast after leaving Busters. She was part of Busters’ debut lineup in 2017, and she left the group in 2020. She is now competing on the survival show My Teenage Girl.

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On the February 3rd episode of My Teenage Girl, some of the remaining contestants received video messages from friends and family.

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During the episode, Hyungseo received a message of support from Yeseo.

Considering she knows exactly what being on a survival show for another chance to be an idol, Yeseo was the perfect person to send encouraging words to Hyungseo. Yeseo looked very emotional as she spoke, and Hyungseo burst into tears as she listened to Yeseo’s words.

Unnie, it’s Yeseo. Actually, when you first said you will appear on My Teenage Girl, I was a bit surprised. You’ve made your debut, but you wanted to appear on a survival show, and it’s usually tough to be on one so I was worried about you. I thought that it might be too hard for you as well, but you’re really doing very well right now, so I hope that you’ll make your debut and I hope to see you again on the same stage.

— Yeseo

You can see Yeseo’s full video message to Hyungseo below.