Kep1er’s Yujin Reveals The Fate Of The Famous “Inkigayo” Sandwich

Kep1er was most looking forward to “Inkigayo” for the food.

Kep1er recently uploaded a behind-the-scenes video to their YouTube channel of their first week of promotions for their debut “WA DA DA.”

One of the performances was at SBS‘s Inkigayo, and there was one reason that the members had been so eager to perform at Inkigayo in particular: the food.

Kep1er’s Yujin (left) and Mashiro (right) | Kep1er/YouTube 

Yujin is the first member to talk to the vlog at the backstage of Inkigayo. And after some brief commentary about the cute gloves their stylists made…

| Kep1er/YouTube 

… She immediately talks about the food at the Inkigayo cafeteria. Yujin starts by recommending the yubu chobap (seasoned sticky rice packed into tofu).

| Kep1er/YouTube 

And since Yujin is familiar with Inkigayo through her performances with CLC, she gets even more specific in her recommendations. Specifying that the best thing to do is to heat the spam from the cafeteria in the microwave and eat it.

| Kep1er/YouTube 

And then she brings up the popular Inkigayo sandwich.

The sandwich became popular with fans after rumors came out that idols flirted with each other by slipping their phone number into the plastic that wraps the sandwich before giving it to an idol they were interested in getting to know.

Recently the sandwich went viral again as TikTok user @basicsundaycooking showed how the sandwich is made.

| @basicsundaycooking/TikTok 

One layer is egg salad.

| @basicsundaycooking/TikTok 

One layer is jam.

| @basicsundaycooking/TikTok 

And the last layer is cabbage mixed with imitation crab meat.

| @basicsundaycooking/TikTok 

Because of how unique the combination of ingredients seems, fans are hesitant about idols’ love for the iconic sandwich.

But in Kep1er’s video, Yujin mentions that the sandwich was no longer offered in Inkigayo‘s cafeteria as of one to two years ago.

| Kep1er/YouTube 

Yujin expresses her disappointment about not being able to eat the sandwich but is still excited at the rest of the good selection of food.

| Kep1er/YouTube 

The other members of Kep1er, who haven’t been able to try Inkigayo‘s food before, also express their excitement at getting to go to the cafeteria.

When Mashiro can’t decide what she most wants to try, Yujin reassures her that the cafeteria is like a convenience store and they have everything.

| Kep1er/YouTube 

Everything except their iconic sandwich.

Which both Dayeon and Chaehyun express disappointment about not being able to try.

Kep1er’s Dayeon (left) and Chaehyun (right) | Kep1er/YouTube 

But at least thanks to the many recipes on the internet and @basicsundaycooking’s step-by-step tutorial, fans can try the iconic sandwich for themselves, even if idols no longer get to eat it.


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