[★BREAKING] Kevin Is Leaving U-KISS Permanently

U-KISS‘ Kevin has announced that he will be leaving the group as well as NH EMG effective at the end of March 2017, when his contract expires. 


The agency revealed that Kevin will be leaving U-KISS and NH EMG when his contract expires at the end of March. The contract expiration is being announced prior to the actual date as to not surprise fans in the last few days of Kevin’s activities with U-KISS.

Kevin has been with U-KISS for over 9 years now, debuting in 2008 with the group when it was first announced. Prior to this, he was part of the group XING but left in 2007 before debuting with U-KISS.

NH EMG released a full statement, which has been translated below:

U-KISS member Kevin’s contract with NH EMG will be expiring as of March 2017. While there’s still a month until the contract expires, we thought it was only right to let fans know about [his leaving] in advance.

We’re very sorry to announce such unfortunate news to all the fans who have been so supportive of U-KISS. Kevin has decided to pursue a different path to pursue his dreams and both the label and the [remaining U-KISS] members have decided to respect his decision.

[Kevin] has been with U-KISS since 2008 and has promoted with the group as a reliable and trustworthy member from the very beginning for the past 9 years. This decision was made after thinking about it for a long time and lengthy discussions on the matter. We will respect Kevin’s wishes. Kevin will be leaving U-KISS and his contract will end [in March].

We will be holding a final fan meeting with U-KISS as a 6-member group in Korea and Japan. We hope you will cheer U-KISS and Kevin as they go on their own paths.

We are currently working on re-grouping U-KISS as a 5-member group and will work hard to show our good side to fans. We will be releasing a new album this year as well as promoting both in Korea and overseas.

We’re extremely sorry for causing fans to worry and delivering such news so late but [we] had to think carefully about all the options before doing so.

Lastly, we ask fans to continue cheering on U-KISS and Kevin. Thank you.


Source: OSEN