Key Reveals That All Of SHINee Were So Bad At Singing They Were Supposed To Be A Rap Group

SHINee sucked at singing?

SHINee is a legendary vocal group. But on the latest episode of #KeywordBoA, Key revealed that singing was not supposed to be the original strength of the group!


According to him, the members were all initially terrible at singing.

“We were not originally supposed to be a vocal group. Did you know that? We all sucked at singing.” — Key


They were actually supposed to debut as a rapping group with small vocal parts!

“Our debut song was originally going to be 80% rap and 20% vocals. We were planning to do mostly rap and add only a little bit of singing to our songs.” — Key


The five members were all very worried when they were given their debut song, “Replay”, because it required a lot of vocals. However, they were able to adjust to singing fairly quickly and the song was a hit!


From then on, SHINee became one of the most popular male vocal groups in K-Pop history!

Source: Instiz