Key Reveals Which SM Song Brought in So Much $$$ It Built SM’s New Building

If this was a mid-sized company, they would be on the Board of Directors.

Key revealed on a recent episode of Happy Together the “building shares” of different artists at SM Entertainment.


He shared that the song that built the new SM Communication Centre was “Growl” by EXO.

“If this was a mid-sized company, EXO would already be directors.”

— Key


BoA shot back, saying that she was the one that built the “52-1” building aka the Communication Centre.


Considering SM Entertainment recently unveiled their new Celebrity Centre as well, it’s probably fair to say that EXO and BoA had a hand in providing the $$$ for both buildings.


When asked what “Ring Ding Dong” built for SM Entertainment, Key said they must have built at least 4 of the elevators in the building.

Source: Dispatch