Khalid Just Challenged BTS’s J-Hope On Twitter To An Epic Showdown

Will J-Hope take him on?

BTS is in NYC for their upcoming performance on Saturday Night Live on the 13, and J-Hope decided to celebrate the city’s great weather with a short freestyle dance video!


As ARMYs around the world were praising his dancing skills, one particular artist was ready to get down and challenge him to a dance duel! Popular American singer-songwriter, Khalid, invited J-Hope to a dance battle!


Although BTS saw Khalid’s challenge request, they have yet to respond back with their answer!


The interaction between these two Kings doesn’t come as a surprise because they’re both well known to be fans of each others’ music! Khalid and BTS both compliment each others’ work whenever new music is released!


Is a Khalid x J-Hope dance battle in the making? Only time will tell!


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