Handsome Korean Soccer Player Reveals His Daughter For The First Time

Netizens couldn’t stop freaking out!

Ki Sung Yeung is a renown soccer player who’s as famous for his stunning good looks as he is for his undeniable talent on the field.


He married the beautiful actress, Han Hye Jin, back in 2013. They were quickly known as a powerful visual celebrity couple!


In 2015, Ki Sung Yeung announced that his wife had given birth to their first child – a beautiful daughter, named Ki Si On.


Ki Sung Yeung only ever uploaded photos of their daughter with her back turned or her faced covered.


Fans were dying to see photos of their daughter as they expected the baby looked as gorgeous as her two parents. And they certainly were right! Ki Sung Yeung revealed photos of his daughter for the first time on his Instagram page!


Ki Si On inherited some gorgeous genes as she looked like a perfect mix of her dad and mom! Netizens couldn’t stop fawning over how beautiful she was!

  • “She’s so pretty!!!!”
  • “Omg she’s so pretty ….”
  • “She looks like half her mom and half her dad. She going to have a very good life”
  • “She’s so cute~~ Ki Sung Yeung has hearts coming out of his eyes”
  • “She looks like her mom she’s so so pretty”
  • “She’s beautiful I can tell she’s going to become even more beautiful as she grows up”


She literally looks like a doll come to life! No wonder her father dotes on her so much!


Ki Sung Yeung also mentioned Si On’s love for ice cream, proving that they’re a normal family who just happens to have powerful genes in the visual department!

Source: Herald Pop