MBC’s Creative Way Of Seating Kian84 At The Awards Show Had His Co-Stars Losing It

MBC’s idea was a win 😆

Kian84 hit it big at the 2023 MBC Drama Awards by taking home the Daesang (grand prize). As a popular entertainer in the successful shows I Live Alone and Adventure by Accident, he posed a unique seating problem for the MBC crew.

Kian84 | MBC

Since Kian84 couldn’t be seated at both tables at once, the MBC crew came up with a creative way to make it possible.

Instead of placing a chair at both tables for Kian84 to switch seats between, they gave him a rolling office chair. So he smoothly rolled from the I Live Alone table to the Adventure by Accident one.

Seeing the entertainer do such an unexpected move caused the Adventure by Accident cast to burst into laughter. Even Kian84 couldn’t hide his embarrassment at the funny moment.

Whether on a TV show or just being himself, he’s always entertaining fans and his co-stars. Congratulations to Kian84 on his major win.