Kian84 From “I Live Alone” Confesses To A Near-Death Experience After Taking Medication

He took the medication for something unexpected.

Popular cartoonist and I Live Alone cast member, Kian84 shared a shocking confession on his YouTube channel. On August 31, the talented comic creator shared with all of his YouTube subscribers that he has been actively trying to remove drinking from his lifestyle. In an attempt to help aide his efforts, Kian84 revealed that he has been taking a specific medication that helps with the process. However, it was following this that the cartoonist shared something a little more alarming.


During his vlog, there was a visible bottle of whiskey shown in the background, to which one of the producers asked Kian84, “didn’t you stop drinking?”

Still from Kian84’s vlog | YouTube

Following that, the cartoonist shared that he has been trying to stop drinking and that he has been working hard to ensure a successful end result. His method? Taking medication that helps with the process. However, Kian84 revealed that the medication actually caused a “near-death experience.”

Last Monday, I took medication that helps you stop drinking. After taking it, I had a near-death experience for about 4 days.

— Kian84

And while he didn’t get into details about the experience, he shared a relieving update stating that his “head hurt really badly, but [his] health returned back to normal.” Not only that, but he also confessed that the medication did help with his drinking goals.

I think I only drank for 2 days out of 10 days?

— Kian84

We are so glad that he didn’t experience any other severe side effects from the medication. You can check out Kian84’s vlog down below!

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