Kids React To HOODY’s New Song And It’s Hilarious And Wholesome All At Once

Their interaction is the cutest!

Kids reacted to HOODY‘s new song, “Adios”!

HOODY recently made her comeback with new album Departure and title track “Adios”. As part of her promotions for her new album, she appeared on YouTube channel ODG, and met with kids who listened and reviewed her songs!

She introduced herself, and asked if they’d heard of her, singing a few lines to help jog their memory. Their reaction said plenty:

Before she started singing for them, two of the children whispered to each other, determining that they would not dance during her song, and would instead clap for her when she was done.

As soon as she started singing, however, they immediately began to move to the beat, making HOODY laugh at their adorable antics!

The kids loved her song and were very impressed when she revealed that she had written and composed it herself!

Watch HOODY bond with the cutest kids ever here!