Actress Who Escaped North Korea Makes Surprise Wedding Announcement — Teases Handsome Husband

Congrats to the couple!

Actress Kim Ah Ra, who defected from North Korea, announced her marriage.

Kim Ah Ra

Recently, Kim Ah Ra uploaded an Instagram post. In the post, the actress revealed that she was getting married.

I am getting married this upcoming October.

I am writing this to share the good news with those who have watched over me and supported me. Please send me your blessings, and I will start a beautiful family of my own.

— Kim Ah Ra

Kim Ah Ra also included in her post beautiful engagement photos. In the photos, the actress looks stunning in her wedding dress.


Kim Ah Ra also teased her husband, whose handsome side profile appears in several of the photos.


Meanwhile, Kim Ah Ra first gained popularity after appearing on Now On My Way To Meet You, a variety show featuring North Korean defectors. The actress immediately went viral for her beauty.

Since then, Kim Ah Ra has starred in several K-Dramas, such as Crash Landing On You and Rude Miss Young Ae.

Poster for Crash Landing On You
Source: wikitree