Kim Bum Soo reveals confidence in his body on “Radio Star”

Ballad king Kim Bum Soo dishes on his unexpected exposure of skin in the music video of his song “Teardrop of My Heart” on MBC’s Radio Star.

His unexpectedly well-built body was a hot point of discussion on the November 19th broadcast of Radio Star, with Kim Bum Soo revealing, “I am really confident with my body. I even charm myself whenever I touch my own skin,” causing unrelenting laughter among the rest of the cast.

Kim Bum Soo also revealed that, “I heard that women appreciate well-built men, so I thought my female fans would love it if I appeared without a shirt. However, it turned out to be more controversial than expected, and so, I learned that not anyone can just go shirtless.” This revelation caused laughter among the MCs and other guests, garnering sympathy, yet maintaining the signature cheerful vibe of Radio Star.

The playful atmosphere continued as the MCs started to tease Kim Bum Soo, saying that his body looked relatively small now compared to his head. Contrary to how it may seem, the jokes were accepted gracefully by the singer, who is renowned for his good nature and humility.

Kim Bum Soo recently released the track list for his 8th album Him. The music video teaser for “Home Meal” was also released while fans continue to anticipate the full version set to be released on November 21st. For now, check out the music video for “Teardrop of My Heart” below!

Source: E Today