Here’s The “Our Beloved Summer” Scene With Choi Woo Shik That Made Actress Kim Da Mi Swoon The Most When Filming

They are netizens’ OTP!

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One of the hottest K-Dramas at the moment is an unconventional comedy that follows love, friendship, and heartbreak, Our Beloved Summer.

The comedy series follows Choi Ung (Choi Woo Shik) and Kook Yeon Su (Kim Da Mi), who couldn’t be more different. After filming a documentary, the two students fall in love at school but swear never to meet again after a rocky breakup… until fate works its magic.

Kim Da Mi (left) and Choi Woo Shik (right) | SBS

The series has caught the attention of fans for the chemistry between the lead actors, even to the extent that Choi Woo Shik forgot his lines after an adorable peck with Kim Da Mi, calling her by her real name rather than Yeon Su.

Well, it seems as if Kim Da Mi also had a moment during filming that made her heart race.

Da Mi recently sat down with W Korea, where she spoke about everything from the photoshoot to how she was feeling. In particular, she was asked which scene from the show made her heart pound the most.

| W Korea/ YouTube

Although many of the scenes can be seen as swoon-worthy, Da Mi had her pick, which isn’t surprising considering how sweet it was. Like fans, she explained that it was hard to pick just one but chose a scene from episode eight.

There’s that scene in the eighth one, when Ung is sleeping, the hand… Ung grabs the hand, but then the scene doesn’t show if he’s actually awake or not.

— Kim Da Mi

| W Korea/ YouTube

Da Mi admitted that it was a scene that a lot of fans seemed to love, and it was something she couldn’t help but agree with, especially after she’d seen the episode. Her drawing of the scene was just as cute, showcasing the bond between the characters.

As I looked at the show, it was ‘heart-pounding.’ That’s what I felt. (Pointing at the picture) This is me, and this is Ung’s hand.

— Kim Da Mi

| W Korea/ YouTube

Of course, it’s a scene that fans know well and is the moment where the duo’s relationship really starts to change again. It is something that brings them both into the past and showcases the chemistry that was so strong when they were students.

| @kdwmgy/ Twitter 

Yeah, it isn’t the first time that scene has been praised. Even Choi Woo Shik felt something with that scene.

We also enjoyed watching the hand scene in that episode. It was a hand, but it was like watching a kissing scene, and it felt a little strange. It was so good because people liked it.

— Choi Woo Shik

Choi Woo Shik | SBS

Throughout the show, there are so many swoon-worthy moments, that it would be almost impossible for netizens to choose.

| The Swoon/ YouTube 
| The Swoon/ YouTube

There is no denying the reason why fans worldwide have fallen in love with Our Beloved Summer. On and off-screen, Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik have this unrivaled chemistry connected with netizens. 

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Source: W Korea