Former JYP Trainee Apologizes For “Disrespectful” Comments About Jeon Somi and Sunmi 

The trainee trained with Somi when Sunmi was still under JYP Entertainment.

Kim Eunseo, a former trainee of JYP Entertainment, released an apology after a comment about former label-mates Somi and Sunmi were made public. 


Kim Eunseo seemingly commented under a video of Somi’s recent cover performance of Sunmi’s ‘Gashina’.


The comment was a sarcastic note toward how she supposedly didn’t believe Somi/Sunmi sang well until now.


The account was traced back to Kim Eunseo and was confirmed to be her personal account on a chatting app.


Netizens who found the comment believed that Eunseo was subtly dissing not only Sunmi’s singing ability but also Somi. They felt it to be disrespectful.


They felt it was especially disrespectful as Eunseo is much younger than Sunmi, who is a renown senior in the industry.

  • “Eunseo was born in 2000 and Sunmi is 27… She’s 10 years younger than Sunmi, who’s also a super senior”
  • “She’s saying so much disrespectful things under an account that has her name… How can she do something so dumb?”
  • “Jeon Somi was once a trainee under JYP, which means she’s also her senior right?”


Kim Eunseo initially trained under JYP Entertainment and appeared on reality programs such as Sixteen and Idol School.


After her comments began circulating online, she took to Instagram to apologize for the comment, however, she explained that the comment was written by a friend who had access to her account.

“Hello. This is Kim Eunseo. 

First of all, the account used in the comment controversy is not my own account. When I went to Seoul to live as a trainee, I shared the password for my friends from my hometown to use together to keep in touch with them. I used this account only occasionally to find some friends who live in my hometown. 

My other friends were not trainees, but because of their personal circumstances, I cannot use SNS in my name. So I changed the name randomly or use my name and picture. 

The comment seems to have been posted by friend other than me and changed the account to my name and photo profile. Many may not know me but I am careful about everything and know better. Commenting in a public platform is a like suicide for me. 

I decided to leave my account after consulting with friends. I have also stopped using Facebook and messenger for the time being.  I will be more careful to make sure there are no such inconveniences anymore. 

 hope that I was able to clarify any misunderstanding. It was something I could not prevent from happening. I apologize to my senior Sunmi, fellow trainee Somi and to everyone who have been hurt by this incident.” 

— Kim Eunseo

Source: StarNews and Tistory