Kim Gura announces brief hiatus to continue treatment for his panic disorder

Popular celebrity Kim Gura has announced a brief hiatus as he recovers from his severe case of panic disorder

Kim Gura, notable for his unfiltered style of speech and his willingness to address controversial socio-economic issues, has been a central figure in the celebrity scene and questions now arise as to if and when he can resume with the plethora of programs that he is associated with.

On December 25th, his management agency released a statement indicating that Kim Gura has been receiving treatment for panic disorder since May of 2014 and with his condition deteriorating with added complications, a decision has been made to declare a brief hiatus. The agency further stressed repeatedly that the entertainer will return after his recovery.

Kim Gura’s hiatus has brought forth a number of celebrities expressing their concern for his well-being, as well as the impact his absence might have on the programs that he is a regular cast of. Fellow celebrity Kim Jang Hoon shared that he has suffered from panic disorder before and expressed his utmost confidence that Kim Gura will overcome his condition as he himself has done.

While fans and fellow celebrities alike express their sincere hopes of recovery, the question of whether Kim Gura will be back on television programs after successfully overcoming his panic disorder is something only time will tell.

Source: OSEN