Kim Gura Criticized For Asking Soyeon To Compare (G)I-DLE’s Popularity To ITZY’s

Are you on the same level as ITZY?

(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon appeared on Radio Star this week where she was faced with a difficult question by one of the hosts, Kim Gura. During her introductory segment, Kim Gura bluntly asked her, “Would we know your song if we heard it?


He defended himself, claiming it was hard for him to know which idol was who anymore because of the massive amount of rookie debuts. He explained, “When you get to our age, you just don’t know. We only know that ITZY is a popular trending group.


He then directly asked Soyeon if (G)I-DLE was as popular as ITZY.

Are you on the same level as ITZY?

— Kim Gura


Both fans of (G)I-DLE and ITZY began criticizing Kim Gura for his question. They claim it was rude of him to compare two groups that are both doing well in their own careers.

“Kim Gura always crosses the line with his questions whenever a rookie comes out.”

“Did you just bring ITZY into this? Both (G)I-DLE and ITZY fans are uncomfortable by this.”

“Look at his level of questions just because he wants to create an issue”

— K-Netizens


Many pointed out that Soyeon even introduced at the very beginning that (G)I-DLE won 7 Rookie of the Year awards last year and achieved their first music show win in 20 days since their debut.


Although a bit taken aback by his question, Soyeon politely pointed out that ITZY has won 1st place on a music show from a public broadcasting station, while (G)I-DLE is still “working towards it“.

Oh… but they won 1st place on a public broadcast music show. But we’re… uh… in the process of working towards it.

— Soyeon


Legendary singers, No Sa Yeon and In Soon I were smitten by Soyeon as they complimented her for “replying so politely“.


Queen Soyeon proves once again that she’s no force to be reckoned with as she only knows class and persistence!

Source: Wikitree