Kim Heechul apologizes to Momo, chooses another girl instead

Super Junior Kim Heechul has openly confessed to being a huge fanboy of TWICE Momo but it looks like his loyalties have changed.

Actress Jin Seyeon appeared as a guest on the November 26th episode of Knowing Brothers. The all-male cast fell in love with her innocent personality and Kim Heechul was not an exception.

When Jin Seyeon revealed that she liked the corny lines Heechul was using on her, the other cast members became jealous. They were quick to ask Heechul to pick between TWICE Momo and Jin Seyeon.

After mulling over the two, he walked up to Seyeon and whispered in her ear, “It’s you from today onwards”. Embarrassed, he heads towards the door saying he will be leaving early for the day. Finally, he apologized to Momo in Japanese saying “Sumimasen!”

Watch the adorable interaction in the video below.

Source: Naver