Heechul Reveals Which “Knowing Bros” Member He Would Introduce His Younger Sister To

It’s the least likely candidate.

Heechul recently guested on the Kim Young Chul’s Power FM radio show.


When asked who he would introduce his (imaginary) younger sister to, he first chose Donghae out of the Super Junior members.

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“Out of the Super Junior members, it’s Donghae.”


Within the Knowing Bros cast members, he picked Kim Young Chul as his potential brother-in-law!

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Some may be surprised as Min Kyung Hoon and Heechul are very close! Or he could have picked another member, like Seo Jang Hoon as there is a long running joke about the size of his assets.

“There aren’t a lot of single people within the Knowing Bros members. Kim Young Chul is better than Min Kyung Hoon.”


Heechul explained that Min Kyung Hoon is such a homebody that he wouldn’t want to go out on dates often.

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It’s possible that Heechul would rather hang out with Kyung Hoon himself since they’re such close friends!


So it appears Kim Heechul’s fictional family may look like this!

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