Kim Hieora’s Alleged Former Schoolmate Defends Actor From Bullying Accusations

“I went to the same Middle School as Kim Hieora…”

An alleged schoolmate of Kim Hieora has spoken out in defense of the actor.

Kim Hieora | Netflix

On September 7, an online post titled “Kim Hieora Was Famous In Middle School” made news headlines.

Kim Hieora in Middle School

In their post, a netizen writes that they went to the same Middle School as Kim Hieora.

I went to the same Middle School as Kim Hieora. She was famous in school for how pale her skin was. When you’re that pale, it is impossible not to be famous. Seriously, she stuck out wherever she went.

— Netizen

The netizen then writes that according to their memory, Kim Hieora wasn’t a bully but hung out with the popular kids. They also write that the actor never harmed other students.

I read her statement, and she describes her younger self the way I remember her. She hung out with the popular kids, but she never bullied anyone like they do now. The worst thing I remember her doing was cutting in the cafeteria line.

Besides that, I remember during the school festival, she sang so well that I was shocked. To be honest, the reason I remember Kim Hieora is because of that performance.

— Netizen

The netizen then continued writing that Kim Hieora’s crew, Big Sangji, wasn’t a gang like previous reports suggested.

And I read articles reporting that Big Sangji was this really famous gang, but… I asked my Middle School friends, and only about half remember it. There weren’t many bullies at our school. At the time, girls had to cut their hair 7cm below their ears, so a lot of the bad kids went to different schools. I am writing this because I just wanted to share our school’s image at the time.

— Netizen

Meanwhile, Kim Hieora denied all of the allegations that were brought to light in a Dispatch report. Dispatch has since released a new article containing a handwritten letter from Kim Hieora. Read more about it in the link below.

Dispatch Reveals New Evidence Further Igniting Kim Hieora’s Bullying Controversy In Response To Denial



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