Dispatch’s Latest Attack On Kim Hieora Is Met With Mixed Reactions

“Why does Dispatch seem desperate?”

Actor Kim Hieora reportedly apologized to three alleged victims.

Kim Hieora | Joongang Daily

On September 13, Dispatch reported that Kim Hieora had apologized to  three members a total of seven times.

According to the report, Kim Hieora first apologized over the phone and later met two of the alleged victims in person. Dispatch reported that one of the victims refused to meet with Kim Hieora and has yet to accept her apology.

Kim Hieora’s agency, Gram Entertainment, responded to Dispatch’s latest report by revealing that they are currently collecting evidence for their legal battle against Dispatch.

Currently, we have nothing further to say. As stated earlier, we are preparing our legal response. We will let you know as soon as we are ready.

— Gram Entertainment

Netizens had a mixed reaction to the report as previously Kim Hieora revealed that she and her original accusers had mended their relationship, but that Dispatch had released its original article despite this.

  • “Why does Dispatch seem desperate?”
  • “Dispatch doesn’t seem desperate, they are pissed off, LOL. They were even cursed out in this community.”
  • “There is no such thing as a nice bully.”
  • “Why is she doing this? She’s making things even worse.”
  • “Ugh.”
  • “This is so disappointing. In real life, those who are guilty always thrive. This is another case of that.”
  • “SMH.”
  • “Tsk.”
  • “Trashy media outlet (Dispatch). I hope Kim Hieora wins.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hieora has maintained her innocence and vowed to take legal action against Dispatch. Read more in the link below.

Source: theqoo