Kim Hyun Joong fined after hitting his girlfriend

Kim Hyun Joong was accused of hitting his girlfriend last year, causing injuries on her body following violence, to which the court has finalized their summary trials with Kim Hyun Joong being fined.

The controversy over Kim Hyun Joong’s physical offense towards his girlfriend was reported back in May 30, 2014, and on January 19, 2015, the court has settled the case, demanding the actor and singer to pay approximately 5 million won ($4,617 USD).

The prosecutors stated that, “Mr. Kim had shared his opinion on the case by saying that, ‘there was no intention of hurting her, the only purpose was to perform martial arts and in the process she was hurt.’ However, it was obvious that simple physical violence is the only cause. Therefore, accusations of physical violence and injuries caused were applied to his case. There had been a mutual agreement between the offender and the victim and Mr. Kim had sent in a written file of apology. For such reasons and the situation, we’ve decided to go through a summary trial.”

Kim Hyun Joong had injured his girlfriend and left bruises during the first incident at his apartment in Seoul. The injury took two weeks to heal, according to the doctor.

During the other case on July 12th, he told her that he was trying out martial arts; Kim Hyun Joong strangled his girlfriend’s waist and caused injuries such as broken ribs took six weeks to heal. He was later charged following this event.

The victim had stated that the two have dated since the year 2012, and was offended physically in May and continued until July in total of four events.

The victim cancelled her accusations for the other two events. However, the police forwarded the previously mentioned events to the prosecution with physical violence charges.

Source: Yonhap News