Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend expected to give birth to their child on the 12th

The due date of Kim Hyun Joong‘s ex-girlfriend, known to the public as Ms. Choi, is quickly approaching.

In April 2015, Choi filed a lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong for 1.6 billion won for emotional distress that she received due to her discord and conflicts with the singer/actor after she found out she was pregnant with his child.

In July, Choi’s side presented a certificate that revealed her due date as September 12th.

Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney was previously quoted saying, “Kim Hyun Joong and Choi have been broken up since December 20th of last year. Then on January 3rd, Choi told Kim Hyun Joong she was pregnant. We verified with gynecology specialists that you cannot confirm a pregnancy 12-13 into a pregnancy with an over-the-counter pregnancy test. It can only be confirmed that early through blood tests or an ultrasound, but Choi confirmed she found out through an over-the-counter pregnancy test. We will find out if she was truly pregnant on January 3rd when she informed us by consulting with professionals in the gynecology department. If the pregnancy is confirmed and Kim Hyun Joong turns out to be the father, we are making our position clear that he will take responsibility as the father.”

“We are preparing a counter suit on the grounds of defamation. This suit will be filed by June. It will include the fine of 600 million won she has to pay for breaking the contract of her settlement last year plus the 600 million won she received as settlement, so it will be at least 1.2 billion won not including how much we are figuring out to ask for defamation of Kim Hyun Joong.”

In this lawsuit, not only is Choi’s current pregnancy in question but so was her first one from last year.

When asked about her upcoming due date by Newsen, Choi’s legal representatives said, “No comment.”

The third court date of the 1.6 billion won lawsuit will continue on September 23rd.

Source: Newsen