Kim Hyungjun Edited Out Of Variety Program Following Sexual Assault Accusations

Netizen reaction to the program’s decision is split.

SS501‘s Kim Hyungjun has been edited out of King of Mask Singer following his recent sexual assault accusation.

Kim Hyungjun appeared on March 31st’s episode of King of Mask Singer as part of the celebrity panel of judges. However, it was difficult to see him in the actual broadcast.


While all the other guests and hosts could be seen in their own single camera shot, Kim Hyungjun could only be seen in group shots.


Moreover, when the shot contained only two or three people, his face was covered with subtitles and his voice could not be heard.


Kim Hyungjun was most likely edited out in this way due to his recent sexual assault accusation. A woman has claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Kim Hyungjun at her home back in May 2010. Kim Hyungjun responded by stating that the sexual relations were consensual and denied accusations, announcing his intentions to countersue the woman for defamation.


Because police investigations have not yet begun, the facts regarding the sexual assault are not confirmed. As a result, netizens have been showing split reactions to King of Mask Singer‘s decision to edit him out.

  • “Since he’s become a suspect, it’s right to edit him out until the facts are uncovered.”
  • “His crime hasn’t been confirmed yet. Are they already treating him like a criminal? Editing him out is not reasonable.”
  • “They can’t help it. They’re just being careful ahead of time since the production staff for programs is also criticized for things like this in the future.”
  • “Let’s see the results first.”
Source: Newsen