Beloved Celebrity Couple Share Heartbreaking Struggles After Losing Their Newborn Child

“Things were so bad that we couldn’t tell anybody…”

Beloved celebrity couple Kim Jae Woo and Jo Yu Ri spoke about losing their child.

Jo Yu Ri (left) and Kim Jae Woo (right) | Dong A Ilbo

Recently, Channel A‘s Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic released the preview for their upcoming episode. In the episode, comedian Kim Jae Woo and his wife Jo Yu Ri made an appearance.

Previously, Kim Jae Woo and Jo Yu Ri married in 2013, and in 2018, they gave birth to their first child. Tragedy struck, however, when the child passed just two weeks after being born.

In the trailer, Kim Jae Woo cautiously spoke about some of the couple’s struggles.

Things were so bad that we couldn’t tell anybody. At the time, my wife couldn’t fully recuperate from giving birth, and her health worsened. I feel that it was my fault.

— Kim Jae Woo

Jo Yu Ri then revealed her health had worsened to the point that she took it upon herself to ready her husband for life without her.

My husband is really bad with his finances. I was scared that he wouldn’t be able to do anything without me. During the time I was sick, I wrote in a letter the passwords to his credit cards and how to use an OTP (One-time Password). I wanted him to learn how to live alone.

— Jo Yu Ri

Dr. Oh then advised the couple that they need to acknowledge and be aware of the effects the loss of their baby has had on their current relationship. When asked how long it took for them to come to terms with their loss, Kim Jae Woo revealed that he was still struggling. Jo Yu Ri then gave insight into some of the couple’s struggles.

At the time, we became more irritable. One day, I got into a huge fight with Kim Jae Woo, and I left the house. I then went to a place where I had been with the baby, and Kim Jae Woo was there. There, we sobbed in each other’s arms.

—  Jo Yu Ri

Kim Jae Woo then confessed that he felt that “Our son must have brought us here to stop fighting. My wife had neglected her health until the doctor stated that her body had become similar to an 80-year-old’s.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Woo is a beloved comedian and actor. He is famous in Korea for his playful posts with his wife and posting heart-warming videos featuring her.

You can watch the trailer of their episode in the link below.


Source: wikitree